USA Rugby Scholarships

A Rugby scholarship offers you top-tier rugby training, a high-quality degree, and the full American College experience. As a student-athlete, you’ll train up to 20 hours weekly in excellent facilities and participate year-round in both 15’s and 7’s seasons. Future Elite Sports connects talented players with top University coaches to enhance their rugby skills.

How does a USA Rugby Scholarship work?

Earning a Rugby Scholarship provides a financial package for tuition, accommodation, and living expenses, ensuring a manageable budget.

Rugby scholarship recipients pursue undergraduate degrees, whether related to sports careers or other fields, for a successful future.

Prospective rugby scholarship candidates must meet entry criteria and maintain high standards throughout their studies.

What to expect from a USA Rugby Scholarship:

  • Strength & Conditioning session
  • Classes during the day in a course of your choosing
  • Full contact training/Captains run through
  • Study Hall (time allotted to stay on top of your school work)
  • Access to Physiotherapy, nutritionists and analysts.
  • Game day travel & competition.
  • Gain an Internationally recognised degree
  • Have an unforgettable experience

Experience Rugby in a brand new setting and meet players from all over the world whilst enjoying all of the benefits a varsity program has to offer!

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