USA Rugby Scholarships

A Rugby scholarship will enable you to be a part of one of the top rugby programmes in the country whilst earning a first rate degree and gaining the full American College experience. As a student-athlete you will train up to 20 hours a week in fantastic facilities and play all year round in full 15’s and 7’s season.

Future Elite Sports are able to link talented and ambitious young players with our network of first class University coaches in the states, to develop and improve their rugby.

How does a USA Rugby Scholarship work?

Earning a Rugby Scholarship allows you to obtain a financial package that goes towards tuition fees, accommodation and maintenance costs, to create a manageable budget.

Students supported by rugby scholarships are expected to study for an undergraduate degree during their time at university. Whether you choose a course that enhances skills needed in a professional sports career, or choose a course from an entirely different field, a USA rugby scholarship will help to provide a platform to future success.

Students hoping to be considered for a rugby scholarship must meet the university’s standard entry requirements and are expected to maintain a high standard throughout the duration of their course.

What to expect from a USA Rugby Scholarship:

  • Strength & Conditioning session
  • Classes during the day in a course of your choosing
  • Full contact training/Captains run through
  • Study Hall (time allotted to stay on top of your school work)
  • Access to Physiotherapy, nutritionists and analysts.
  • Game day travel & competition.
  • Gain an Internationally recognised degree
  • Have an unforgettable experience

Experience Rugby in a brand new setting and meet players from all over the world whilst enjoying all of the benefits a varsity program has to offer!

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