Through our vast network of college coaches, we are able to link talented student athletes to soccer programs that reflect their academic and athletic ambitions.

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A football scholarship (soccer) gives athletes the opportunity to play football in the USA whilst simultaneously working towards an internationally recognised university degree. Whether you choose to pursue a career in soccer or in a different field of expertise, a soccer scholarship will help provide a platform to future success.
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How do Football Scholarships work?

Through obtaining a football scholarship, you will receive a financial package that goes towards tuition fees, accommodation and other maintenance costs. In return for this financial support, you will be expected to maintain the high standards set by the University throughout your University career in order to retain your football scholarship.

Along with top-level academics, American Universities can offer world-class match day stadia, state of the art training facilities and the best collegiate coaches in the world.

During your time as a football scholarship athlete you will have the chance to:

Play football in America whilst working towards a university degree

Progress into MLS or USL pro leagues

Compete and train every day

Play in front of huge crowds

Receive training kit

Travel the United States extensively with your teammates

Test yourself against players from all over the globe

Graduate with an Internationally recognised degree

Gain invaluable life experience

Have an unforgettable time